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Pamela Wallin Addresses 1900 Attendees at SARM

Pamela Wallin giving speech at SARM

Senator Pamela Wallin Speech At Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM)

Senator Wallin spoke at the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) March 12, 2009 where she addressed close to 1,900 people. This was her first event in Saskatchewan since being called to the Senate.  Below, an excerpt from her speech.

“… anytime I have a reason to come home – I am grateful to be with my family and in my community because of course, everything I’ve learned about life I learned first in Saskatchewan. It is the centre of my universe. There is no comparable canvas than a prairie sky at sunset or the northern lights or the breath-taking beauty of hoarfrost on the trees in the morning. Yes, our geography has always been our inspiration but our people are what truly matter.

They are a special breed – from my grandparents who homesteaded, who first tamed and broke our prairie soil – undeterred by mother nature’s cruel tests – to today’s pioneers who are unearthing in novel ways our rich resources and the human talent that will unleash the potential for the next generation and for this century.

Recently we caught the attention of the folks at CNN – they have discovered – despite the weather – that we are a HOT SPOT.  And we are the world’s largest producer of uranium – we have one quarter of the world’s supply – and one third of the world’s supply of potash. The country is the second largest producer of oil and the third largest producer of natural gas! Mining is the third largest industry in the province after oil and gas and agriculture! We have coal, copper, zinc, lentils, peas and yes, diamonds — and we still have 45% of Canada’s arable farm land! We have wind farms, heavy oil up-graders, and balanced budgets and rules for spending – and guarantees to pay down the debt or invest in growth.”

Pamela Wallin’s Comments Published In Rural Councillor

To read more of Senator Wallin’s comments published in the Rural Councillor click here (you will need Adobe Acrobat to read).