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O Canada!!

Pamela Wallin, Canada Day in Wadena, 2009

Photo Credit: Layne Sanderson, a 14 year old cub reporter for the Wadena News.

Senator Pamela Wallin Celebrating Canda Day in Wadena

Excerpt from Senator Wallin’s Canada Day Speech
Published: Wadena News
July 8, 2009

“While today it makes sense that we think of our seniors, the ones who built this town, this province and this country, it is an honour to also recognize the next generation who is stepping forward and offering to carry on those traditions that have kept this town strong.

“It’s all about commitment. I am really pleased to be celebrating Canada Day here – Wadena has always had a wonderful community spirit.”
—Senator Pamela Wallin

It was quite fitting that Senator Pamela Wallin was asked to speak during the afternoon. Known for her fierce Canadian pride, she delivered a thought-provoking reminder about exactly what it is Canadians are celebrating on July 1.

In addition to delivering a warm Canada Day tribute, Senator Pamela Wallin was kept busy in the food booth during the Wadena Kin Club Canada Day activities on July 1.

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Pamela Wallin on the cover of Wadena newspaper