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The Pamela Wallin Show; 1997-1998 Season Episode Guide

Guests: Robert Fulford, June Callwood and Mark Kingwell
Topic: Special Tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales
Produced by Anne Bayin

Guests: Captain Rod Ermen and Captain Scott Shrubsole
Topic: Snowbirds
Produced by Mary Lynk and Wendy Bryan

Guest: Stephane Dion
Topic # 1: Political Pen Pals
Guest: Lawrence Martin
Topic # 2: The Politics of Delusion
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Tonight, a look at the national unity issue through the eyes of Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dion as he wages a war of words with the separatists. And, on topic, an insightful look at The Antagonist. Award-winning author Lawrence Martin has a new and controversial book on Lucien Bouchard and the “politics of delusion.”

Guests: Douglas Goold, Andrew Willis and Diane Francis
Topic: The Bre-X Saga
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

The Bre-X book race almost matches its subject matter for intrigue and high drama. Douglas Goold and Andrew Willis, theGlobe and Mail reporters who broke the story, are first out of the gate with The Bre-X Fraud. Hot on their heels is Financial Post editor Diane Francis with her book, Bre-X: The Inside Story. Who’s really got the goods on the financial scam of the century?

Guest: Roger Ebert
Topic: Movies
Produced by Wendy Bryan

“Thumbs-up” film critic Roger Ebert casts a critic’s eye on the fall crop of movie blockbusters and focuses on the star-studded scene (on-screen and off) at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Topic # 1: Market Madness
Guests: Jeff Rubin, CIBC Wood Gundy; Mark Mullins, Midland Walwyn
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Brokers, traders and Canadians who have more than $270 billion invested in stocks are nervous. As Bull markets lurch to new, but shaky, heights, our experts assess whether we are headed for a market meltdown or just a bearish correction.

Topic # 2: Celebrity & Censorship
Guests: Annie Kidder and Julian Porter

Amid the clamour to stop the stalking of celebrities, we’ll explore the consequences of censorship and the legal options that now exist to protect privacy.

Topic: Country Music Mavericks
Guests: Terri Clark and Paul Brandt
Produced by Mary Lynk

The Maple Leaf invasion of country music south of the border continues with Terri Clark and Paul Brandt. Of course, at home, they are also sweeping up awards and accolades. With cowboy hats in tow, the Alberta-raised singing sensations will join us fresh from the Canadian Country Music Awards.

Topic: Movies
Guest: Jack Klugman
Produced by Anne Bayin

Klugman was great as Quincy, the gumshoe medical examiner, and as Oscar in The Odd Couple, where he lived with the world’s most annoying roommate. Then Klugman faced his most difficult role: dealing with the throat cancer which almost ended his career. But nothing can silence Klugman, as you’ll see and hear tonight!

Topic # 1: The Life of Margaret Laurence
Guest: James King and Lois Wilson
Produced by Anne Bayin

James King’s biography of novelist Margaret Laurence (The Stone Angel, The Diviners) contains explosive details about her alcoholism and suicide. But he reveals many other facets of one of Canada’s most revered writers. He’s joined by Lois Wilson, former moderator of the United Church of Canada, and a friend of Laurence.

Topic # 2: Greek Songbird
Guest: Nana Mouskouri
Produced by Mary Lynk

With record sales at more than 200 million, Nana Mouskouri is the world’s most successful female recording artist. But there is another side to the bespectacled Greek singing star. Following in the footsteps of the late Audrey Hepburn and Danny Kaye, she is an Ambassador for UNICEF and an elected Greek Deputy to the European Parliament. Music and politics with Nana Mouskouri.

Topic: The Singing Mountie
Guest: Paul Gross
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Paul Gross is not just the world’s favourite Mountie. This season, he’s also taken on new roles as executive producer and writer of the award-winning series, Due South. Out of uniform, Gross has just recorded a country-western album. We’ll see country-boy-come-to-the city strap on a guitar, and find out if he really is the last true gentleman.

Guest: Carol Shields
Topic: Men’s Muddled Lives

In her new novel, Larry’s Party, Canada’s literary mistress, Carol Shields, ponders the big question: what’s it like being a man in 1997? Shields, who won the Pulitzer Prize for The Stone Diaries, gives us some answers.

Guest: Jane Stewart
Topic # 1: Indian Affairs

Canada’s new Minister of Indian Affairs faces a tough challenge: She has to mend the tattered relationship between Ottawa and the Assembly of First Nations, and build new alliances with government, big business and First Nations. Tonight, a progress report.

Guests: Anthony Wilson-Smith, Maclean’s columnist, and Stevie Cameron, Editor, Elm Street
Topic # 2: Party Favours

Guest: Kathy Reichs
Topic #1: The Tale Bones Tell

Publishers have snapped up the rights to a dazzling debut crime novel. Kathy Reichs, a real-life anthropologist, spends her days — like her fictional alter ego — in the autopsy suite, the courtroom and with cops at crime scenes. Deja Dead is a look at the world of forensic anthropology — bones and all. We’ll take a peek.

Guest: John McDermott
Topic #2: When I Grow Too Old Too Dream

Guest: Guy Paul Morin
Topic: Free at Last?

Day after day, Guy Paul Morin listens patiently to testimony at the judicial inquiry into his wrongful conviction for first degree murder. He’s trying to rebuild his life after an unprecedented 12-year ordeal. What’s normal for a man who was guilty until proven innocent?

Guest: Susie Moloney
Topic # 1: Pricey Prose
Produced by Mary Lynk

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction when it comes to Susie Moloney. Before she’d even finished writing A Dry Spell, a bidding frenzy for publishing and film rights made her a millionaire. Tonight, the joy of life on Manitoulin Island, humour, love, motherhood and doing business with Tom Cruise.

Guests: Janet and Greta Podleski, David Chilton
Topic# 2: A Recipe for Making Money

Has the Wealthy Barber turned Healthy Barber? David Chilton, who authored the all-time best-selling financial planner, is here with his proteges, Janet and Greta Podleski. Their self-published, low-fat cookbook, Looneyspoons, sold a phenomenal 300,000 copies. We’ll sift through their ingredients for success.

Guest: Jann Arden
Topic: Soulful Songstress
Produced by Mary Lynk

A haunting new gem from Jann Arden. The latest album, Happy? continues her musical exploration of truth and beauty in a world full of shadows. An hour of irrepressible charm, wit and music with one of Canada’s premier singer/songwriters.

Guest: Peggy Claude-Pierre and Rosy Rosati
Topic: Eating Disorders
Produced by Anne Bayin

Claude-Pierre’s frantic battle to save her two daughters from anorexia led her on a crusade to save others suffering from long-term eating disorders. She founded the Montreux Counselling Centre in Victoria, B.C., a clinic which treats “patients of last resort” from all over the world. While detractors call her revolutionary techniques “unscientific” and “too physical,” those she’s cured call her “an angel.”

Guest: Lisa Priest
Topic # 1: Surviving the Health Care System

Canadians cherish a health system that promises quality care. But a year long investigation shows the medical profession is protecting its own, sometimes with deadly consequences. Lisa Priest, a Toronto Star Reporter, has exposed a troubled system where hospitals have become dangerous places.

Guest: Peter C. Newman
Topic 2: Canada’s Identity Crisis
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Over the years, Peter C. Newman has chronicled Canada’s Defining Moments and defining players. In his new collection of essays, he explores the social and political upheavals and the politicians, poets and tycoons that are part of the history that matters, as we approach the new millennium.

Guests: Grant McCracken, Ian Brown and Russell Smith
Topic: Male Vanity
Produced by Anne Bayin

The truth about male vanity. A guided tour of the male mind with three guests who’ll be strutting their stuff and unleashing that male peacock.

Guest: Michael Schade and Noreen Burgess
Topic: Opera Delight
Produced by Mary Lynk

Michael Schade is one of the most sought-after young tenors in the world today. In between performances in Vienna and Paris, he is back home preparing to star in the Canadian Opera Company’s production of Oedipus Rex. Song and merriment with a magnificent minstrel.

Guests: Dr. John Lefebre, Shannon Euzewski and Patricia Kelly
Topic: The Skinny on Fat
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Diet pills revolutionize the way doctors treat obesity. But are doctors too readily prescribing these “magic pills?” Turns out more than half the people who use these drugs are not medically obese. Tonight, the skinny on fat, and one woman’s lonely fight against flab.

Guest: Loreena McKennitt
Topic: The Queen of Celtic
Produced by Wendy Bryan

The wild swan of the Canadian recording industry, Loreena McKennitt went from street busker to international sensation with her Juno Award-winning Celtic-tinged music. She takes us on the fantastical journey that inspired her newest CD, The Book of Secrets.

Guests: Donald Macdonald, Tom Adams and Energy Probe
Topic # 1: Power Failure
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Spoiled by success and unaccustomed to accountability, Ontario Hydro was run by a “nuclear cult.” Former federal Finance Minister Donald Macdonald, the architect of the recent report on privatization, A Framework for Competition, and Energy Probe’s Tom Adams, look at the failing power of the power monopolies.

Guest: Damon Stoudamire
Topic # 2: The Making of a Legend
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Though only 5’10” in a league where the average height is 6’8″, Damon Stoudamire is a giant in determination and talent. He tells the story in his new book, Airborne, about his life as the only son of a single mother in a tough neighborhood, who went on to win NBA Rookie of the Year as the historic draft pick for The Toronto Raptors.

Guest: Christopher Hitchens and Mark Kingwell
Topic: Pop Culture Check-up
Produced by Anne Bayin

Alarmed by the mass grieving that accompanied the tragic death of Princess Diana? Wondering why anyone anywhere would tune their radios to listen to Howard Stern’s locker-room humor? Our pop culture gurus, Christopher Hitchens, of Vanity Fair,and Mark Kingwell, television critic for Saturday Night, have a view.

Guest: Andrea Bocelli
Topic: A Star is Born

In the music business, they are calling it “The Andrea Bocelli Phenomenon.” Praised as the next Pavarotti, the young blind tenor from Tuscany was only just recently playing in piano bars to raise money for his tuition fees. Now, his record sales are more than eight million worldwide. His latest CD, Romanza is already in the top five in Canada.

Guests: Kate Fillion and Ellen Ladowsky
Topic: How to Dump a Guy: A Coward’s Manual

Together, Kate Fillion and Ellen Ladowsky have 30 years’ experience “slithering out of relationships in a most undignified fashion.” In How to Dump a Guy: A Coward’s Manual, they share the priceless pearls of ditching wisdom. Romantic termination is a craft that can be learned. But remember, what goes around comes around!!

Guest: Mordecai Richler
Topic: “Saint Urbane”
Produced by Mary Lynk

It is time for a literary celebration. After eight long years, Mordecai Richler has a new novel. Barney’s Version is a touching and humane work; it’s also deliciously wicked and filled with Richler’s famous biting humour. An hour of fiction and fact with one of Canada’s most outspoken authors.

Guest: Brian Moore
Topic: Moore-ality
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Moore, an Irishman by birth, a Canadian by choice, and a lapsed Catholic by design, loves to examine the themes of morality and blind faith in his novels. A Magician’s Wife is no exception. It’s a white-knuckle historical thriller, set in Algeria. It’s the latest in an extraordinary career which includes 20 novels and screenwriting for Alfred Hitchcock. Tonight, Moore unravels the fraying of our moral fabric.

Guest: David Cubitt and Bruce Gray
Topic: Banking on a Winning TV Series
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Gemini Award-winner David Cubitt and Bruce Gray take us into the world of financial deal-making, economic intrigue, betrayal and power. The co-stars of Traders are back for another season, starting tomorrow. Tonight, they’ll forget about the double-dealings and talk about their impressive roles in and out of investment banking.

Guest: Donovan Webster
Topic: Land Mines: The Hidden Killers
Produced by Anne Bayin

Recent events, such as the Canada-led initiative for a global ban on land mines and the tragic death of Princess Diana, have focused world attention on these cheap-to-produce deadly weapons, which maim and kill the soldiers who lay them, the workers who clean them up, as well as innocent civilians. Webster has been awarded the $50,000 Lionel Gelber Prize for Aftermath, his searing first-person essays on the horrors caused by mines, long after the soldiers have gone. His book is not so much a “read” as a call to international action.

Guests: Hugh Segal, Bill Robson and Charles Pascal
Topic: The “Right” Path for Canada
Produced by Wendy Bryan

In his newest book, Beyond Greed, A Traditional Conservative Confronts Neoconservative Excess, Hugh Segal takes aim at the notion that productivity and profits are ends in themselves. The former chief of staff of the prime minister and veteran political commentator charts the shifting winds of political belief as Canadians wrestle with the question of what it means to be a good society. Later in the program, he is joined by Bill Robson, of the C.D. Howe Institute, and Charles Pascal, of the Atkinson Foundation, for discussion on the future of the state.

Guest: Atom Egoyan
Topic: How Sweet It Is
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan’s The Sweet Hereafter was the most honored film at Cannes. The 37-year-old director explores the plot lines of grief, loss and guilt in the aftermath of a tragic bus accident. He is joined by his leading lady: his wife, actress Arsinee Khanjian. Critics say his film is Oscar calibre.

Guest: Jane Jacobs
Topic: Connoisseur of Cities
Produced by Anne Bayin

Jane Jacobs, visionary and urban authority, knows what makes cities function and how we might find humanity in the concrete jungle. Her pioneering ideas are being celebrated in a month-long festival in Toronto called “Ideas That Matter.” The vibrant mother of town planning talks about social issues, urban design, economics and another of her passions: cooking.

Guest: Allan Rock
Topic: Critical Conditions
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

No one knows better than Health Minister Allan Rock that delivering national health care is difficult. In the works are a new blood agency and plans to restore funding to cash-starved provinces. Can public confidence be restored in a time of high anxiety about health care?

Guest: The Right Hon. Jean Chrétien
Produced by Mary Lynk and Rebecca Eckler

A few days shy of four years as Prime Minister, and after nearly 35 years in office, Jean Chrétien sits down for an hour-long conversation with Pamela. A thoughtful and probing look at everything from the economy, national unity and health care to the Prime Minister’s philosophical outlook on both his and the country’s future.

Guests: Peter Kramer, Charlotte Vale Allen and Dr. Irvin Wolkoff
Topic: Love ’em or Leave ’em?
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Peter Kramer, author of the bestseller Listening to Prozac, now focuses on the question we have all asked ourselves and others when we’re in troubled relationships: Should I leave? From Freud to Ann Landers, we look at the complexities of relationships, and how we deal (or don’t) with dilemmas of the heart. Later in the hour, author Charlotte Vale Allen and psychiatrist Dr. Irvin Wolkoff join in the discussion.

Guest: Toller Cranston
Topic # 1: Zero Tollerance
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Toller Cranston, six-time Canadian figure-skating champion and prolific painter, changed the face of figure skating in the 1970s. With Zero Tollerance, his memoir, he shares stories of encounters with the rich and famous and the royalty of the skating world, and recounts a personal crisis and lawsuit that led to much soul-searching. Tonight, the high and lows of Toller Cranston.

Guest: Jeffrey Masson
Topic # 2: Puppy Love
Produced by Anne Bayin

How do dogs love us? Jeffrey Masson counts the ways. He’s the Berkeley writer, Sanskrit scholar, and Freudian psychoanalyst who took to plumbing emotional lives of animals with his bestseller, When Elephants Weep. Now, he moves to the uncharted territory of canine emotion with Dogs Never Lie About Love.

Guest: Michael Palin
Topic: Travels & Travails of Michael Palin
Produced by Wendy Bryan

This former Monty Python player continues to find humor around the world. In Full Circle, Palin’s latest TV travel series, he explores the exotic crannies of 18 countries bordering the Pacific Rim, rides 33 trains, 37 ships, 16 helicopters, even hitches a ride with a reluctant cow. More comedy sketch than adventure travel, Palin chows down with Borneo headhunters, plays obstetrician to a crocodile, and lives to come to our studio to tell the tales.

Guest: David Halberstam
Topic: The Fabulous Fifties
Produced by Mary Lynk

Elvis and Hula-Hoops. Feminism and The Pill. The Civil Rights Movement and the rise of McDonald’s. All these phenomena were part of the 1950s, a decade that Pulitzer Prize winner David Halberstam views as seminal in shaping the North America of today. His panoramic book, The Fifties, is now — where else? — on TV, another phenom of the fifties.

Guest: Paul Martin, Minister of Finance
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

With the lowest deficit in over 20 years and continued prudence, Paul Martin, Canada’s Minister of Finance, predicts a balanced budget by next year. But, Martin says restraint is still his guiding principle, so Canadians can stop fantasizing about instant windfalls and tax cuts. How will the government move from managing to governing in the post-deficit era? The “vision thing” with Paul Martin.

Guest: Wallace Shawn
Topic: My Dinner with Wallace
Produced by Wendy Bryan

How did Wallace Shawn go from being a sight gag in Woody Allen’s Manhattan to being called one of America’s most dangerous playwrights? The gnomish-looking actor, who has appeared in 41 movies, has written the cult film My Dinner with Andre, and is currently making a name for himself with a string of excellent off-Broadway hits that make audiences squirm.

Guest # 1: Sarah McLachlan
Topic: Sensational Songbirds
Produced by Mary Lynk

Powerful, haunting lyrics and ethereal voices are just some of the traits shared by our two guests tonight. First off: Canadian superstar Sarah McLachlan. Her wildly successful all-female Lilith Fair tour is now behind her. This time around, Sarah is doing her own tour to promote her new album, Surfacing.

Guest # 2: Laura Smith
Topic: Sensational Songbirds
Produced by Mary Lynk

Laura Smith, of My Bonny fame, is also touring the land. Her latest album is called it’s a personal thing. A celebration of two tremendously gifted female singer/songwriters.

Guest: Don Tapscott, with N-Geners Sarah Vandervoort and Tsipora Mankovsky
Topic: The “N-Gen” of the Future
Produced by Wendy Bryan

For all the parents who resent the fact that their kids are computer-smart, cyberguru Don Tapscott makes sense of the Net Generation of children raised on digital technology in his latest book, Growing Up Digital. Just as the boomers of the TV generation dictated the economic and political agenda of their time, Tapscott says the N-Gen is about to impose its culture on us all.

Guest # 1: Morton Shulman
Topic: One Last Hurrah
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

He’s back! Dr. Morton Shulman, former crusading coroner, stock speculator, millionaire MPP, and sensationalist talk-show host, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 20 years ago. His discovery, Deprenyl, treated his symptoms and he turned that “wonder drug” into a $100 million pharmaceutical company. Now, he’s back battling to get approval for a controversial new medication for treating impotence and cancer. What keeps him going — and why does scandal follow him everywhere?

Guest # 2: Naomi Bronstein
Topic: Humanitarian Hero
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Tireless Canadian activist Naomi Bronstein rescues children from around the world, bringing them to Canada for lifesaving operations. From Vietnam to Guatemala she has embraced the orphaned and abandoned, giving a new lease on life to over 40,000 children from Third World countries. She has just been awarded the Royal Bank Award for Humanitarian Achievement.

Guest: George Cohon
Topic: McDonald’s Big Cheese
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Hamburger czar George Cohon, one of the most successful and colourful businessmen of his generation, recalls the day he wentTo Russia With Fries in a bid to put McDonald’s in the Soviet Union. The entrepreneur, practical joker and burger diplomat chronicles his fast food battles on the Communist frontier.

Guest: Jane Goodall
Topic: Chimp Doctor
Produced by Mary Lynk

In July 1960, Jane Goodall, a 26-year-old British woman, was sent by famed paleontologist Dr. Louis Leakey to the wilds of Africa to study wild chimpanzees. Her critics thought she would last three weeks. Today, more than 37 years later, Dr. Goodall and her research team are still learning and teaching us. A rare interview with an extraordinary scientist.

Guest: Penn & Teller
Topic: Bad Boys of Magic
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Penn and Teller are up to some new tricks. The comedy-magic team and Visiting Scholars at MIT are now full-fledged celebrities and stars of screen and stage, with featured roles in Sabrina the Teenage Witch and their own movie, Penn and Teller Get Killed. Their latest book, How to Play in Traffic, is hot off the presses.

Guest: John Crosbie
Topic: No Holds Barred
Produced by Mary Lynk

John Crosbie’s sharp-tongued wit and lively storytelling has made him a political folk hero of sorts. The former Tory cabinet minister has just published his autobiography, No Holds Barred: My Life in Politics. An hour of unrestrained opinions with a Newfoundland Chieftain.

Guests: Guy Vanderhaeghe and Barney Bentall
Topic: The Author and the Rocker
Produced by Mary Lynk

“Hey baby, do you want to make beautiful music together?” That’s what rock musician Barney Bentall asked — well, along those lines — of Governor General’s Award-winning author Guy Vanderhaeghe. And when the author of The Englishman’s Boy said yes, it was a match made in heaven. An hour of words, music and male bonding with Guy Vanderhaeghe and Barney Bentall.

Guests: Gordon Ritchie and Dr. Sylvia Ostry
Topic: Free Trade, 10 Years Later
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

A decade after the Free Trade Agreement was reached, the question remains: Should we be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the most controversial trade agreement in Canadian history? Chief architect Gordon Ritchie, in Wrestling with the Elephant, conveys the drama of the two-and-a-half-year process of negotiation. Dr. Sylvia Ostry, in Post-Cold War Trading System, looks at Canada in the global trading world.

Guest # 1: Tom Jackson
Topic: The Benevolent Balladeer
Produced by Mary Lynk

Tom Jackson says his heart will always be with people living on the streets. He once lived there himself. A singer, songwriter, actor and businessman, he has devoted much of his time to raising money for charities. He also has an exquisite new album out: That Side of the Window. And, not surprisingly, all proceeds from the sale of the album will be donated to food banks. A delightful visit with the star of North of 60.

Guest: # 2: Paul Quarrington
Topic: Darwin was Here
Produced by Wendy Bryan

For his latest book, the boy on the back of the turtle, novelist and screenwriter Paul Quarrington, his 75-year-old father, and his daughter, retraced Darwin’s steps on the Galapagos Islands. Best known for his Governor General’s Award-winning novelWhale Music, Quarrington is currently writing for John Woo’s Once a Thief.

Guest # 1: Shania Twain
Topic: Come On Over
Produced by Mary Lynk

Only three women in history have sold more than 12 million copies of a single album. One of them– the only country artist — is Shania Twain. Two years ago, her second album, The Woman in Me, shot her from bar-band obscurity to overnight stardom. And now she has just released her new album, Come On Over. Music and words with one of the world’s most popular songbirds.

Guest # 2: Heather Reisman
Topic: Megabooks, Megabucks
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Canadian entrepreneur Heather Reisman, President and CEO of Indigo Books and Music, aims to make her bookstore chain a bestseller. One of Canada’s business elite, her resume reads like an epic novel. While fighting the bookstore war, she also holds down jobs on the boards of Magna International, Suncor, Mount Sinai Hospital and Harvard Business School.

Guests: Cliff Chadderton, Christine Varga, Darrell Foley, Tony Pengelly, Timothy Findley and Laura Smith
Topic: Remembrance Day
Produced by Mary Lynk

An hour of remembrance. The music of John McDermott and Laura Smith. Rare war footage gathered by Cliff Chadderton of The War Amps. Two members of the Child Amputee Program give their perspectives on war. A compelling account of veteran Tony Pengelly’s experience in The Great Escape. And, finally, Timothy Findley, on the 20th anniversary of his award-winning novel, The Wars.

Guests: Sam “The Record Man” Sniderman and Jason Sniderman
Topic: The Record Man
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Though surrounded by music all his life, Sam “The Record Man” Sniderman can’t write songs and he sings off-key. But he remains a legend as this country’s premier record retailer and a tireless promoter of Canadian talent. While his smiling, life-size cardboard cutouts greet you at his stores, tonight you’ll meet the real person, along with his musician son, Jason.

Guest # 1: Sir Freddie Laker
Topic: Laker Airlines
Produced by Tanya Arnoti

Get ready for Sir Freddie! Freddie Laker is the father of no-frills air travel. He’s best known for price-busting the major airlines with SkyTrain which made seats affordable to the masses. In an extremely tough business climate, he’s just started another tour operation. And he’s still waging war with the big airlines.

Guest # 2: James Houston
Topic: The Ice Master
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

James Houston was bitten by the Arctic bug the day he arrived in 1948. He stayed for 14 years. It was a visit that changed Canadian history. Houston, also a novelist, illustrator, sculptor and glass designer, was the major force in popularizing “Eskimo” and “Inuit” art as we know it today. He recounts his years in the Arctic.

Guests: Elizabeth Perle McKenna and Sylvia Mulholland
Topic: When Work Doesn’t Work Anymore
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Elizabeth Perle McKenna spent two years “detoxing” after quitting a high-profile publishing job. In When Work Doesn’t Work Anymore, she writes that women are still being defined by what they do. Lawyer Sylvia Mulholland has also written about the trials and tribulations of being a working mom in Women’s Work. Our guests discuss women who are “held hostage” by their success.

Guests: Keith Stinson, Kevin Nullmeyer, Margot Franssen, Sharon Zillmer and Simon Jennings
Topic: Trends in Advertising
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Everything, it seems, can be “adified.” If it’s true you can tell the ideas of a nation by its ads, then we may be a little dull. We’ll take a look at the crème de la crème with the World’s Best Commercials, discuss how The Body Shop’s “non-advertising” works, and take a look at ads on the Net.

Guests: Lynne Thomas, Aleida Sanderson, Dr. Nicholas Dodman, Michael Hackenberger, Bongo
Topic: Fascinating Felines
Produced by Mary Lynk

Move over Fido — Kitty is taking over! With more than 60 million household cats in North America, cats have surpassed dogs as the most popular pet these days. In light of this development, we decided to devote an hour to the feline world — including a peek at some of the rarer (and stranger) breeds, cat psychology, and a visit with a bona fide Hollywood star: Bongo the lion — all 700 pounds of him!

Guest # 1: Michael Moriarty
Topic: Man with a Mission

Meet the man whose opinions have received almost as much press as his performances. Michael Moriarty, known best for his role on Law and Order, has good things to say about his new home in Canada. He’s also starring in a new mini-series and PSI-Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal. We’ll find out more about the paranormal life of Michael Moriarty.

Guest # 2: Roger Whittaker
Topic: Whistling Whittaker

Roger Whittaker is celebrating his 35th year as an international entertainer. His latest album, A Perfect Day, is a mix of old and new hits. Tonight, Whittaker — whistling and all.

Guest # 1: Richard Ford
Topic: Women With Men
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Richard Ford, Pulitzer Prize winner for Independence Day, says that being a man gets harder all the time. In his latest book of short stories, Women With Men, Ford looks at the countless imponderables of a woman’s heart and the complex nature of passion, romance and love.

Guest # 2: Patrick Lane
Topic: Selected Poems

For Patrick Lane, poetry is an obsession. With over 22 volumes to date, Lane is here with his latest collection, Selected Poems: 1978-1997. The working-class poet has survived a decade of personal tragedy, and he shares the work that has been described as tortured and intensely perceptive.

Guest # 1: Paul Kennedy
Guest # 2: Mark Rowswell
Topic: A Hong Kong Sampler
Produced by Anne Bayin

Pamela Wallin hits the road. On the eve of a special week of programming from Hong Kong, we’ll hear two very different perspectives.
Mark Rowswell is a virtual unknown in Canada, but he’s a superstar to 900 million Chinese TV viewers. Dashan is Mark’s alter ego — a smart-talking comic character who straddles the line between foreigners and the Chinese. His latest project, Dashan’s Guide to Canada, written in Mandarin, is the ultimate consumer guide for Chinese visitors to our country!
Then, writer-broadcaster and sinophile Paul Kennedy probes the psyche of a people in transition. He retraces the Canada-Hong Kong connection and the ties that date back to the 1800s÷ties that are economic and personal.

Guest: The Chief Executive of The Hong Kong SAR (Special Administrative Region), Tung Chee Hwa
Produced by Anne Bayin

From tycoon to the toughest political job in Asia. Tonight, with APEC meetings underway in Canada and a brewing economic crisis in Asia, we have an exclusive interview with Tung Chee-Hwa, the man who will take Hong Kong into the next century.

Guest: Stanley Ho
Topic # 1: Beauty and the Billionaire
Produced by Wendy Bryan

The riches-to-rags-to-riches story of Hong Kong billionaire Stanley Ho. At 19, he went to Macau with $10 in his pocket. Now,Forbes magazine lists the Casino King as one of the 10 richest people in Asia. But, with the handover, will Beijing allow business as usual for one of Asia’s wealthiest and most influential figures?

Guest: Sally Yeh
Topic # 2: Canto-pop Queen
Produced by Mary Lynk

Sally Yeh is one of Canada’s biggest selling international pop divas. She certainly is in Hong Kong, where the B.C. native is genuine Canto-pop (Cantonese pop music) royalty.

Guests: Martin Lee and Tsang Yok-sing
Topic # 1: Democracy in Opposition
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Martin Lee, Chairman of the ousted United Democrats, fears new laws will erode the rights and the voices of the people. Tsang Yok-sing, head of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong and appointed member of the provisional legislature, says that democracy is not under threat. Sparks will fly as we look at democracy in opposition.

Guests: Robin Sears, Philip Brewster and Allan Zeman
Topic # 2: Market Madness
Produced by Wendy Bryan

A distinguished panel discuss doing business in Hong Kong after the handover. Bob Rae’s former right hand man, Robin Sears; flamboyant real estate magnate Allan Zeman; and Philip Brewster, head of operations for the Royal Bank in Asia, chart the waters during turbulent times in the Asian money markets.

Guests: Jonathon Mirsky, Liu Kin Ming and Frances Li
Topic # 1: Freedom of the Press
Produced by Mary Lynk

Just how free is the press post-handover? A thoughtful and provocative look at censorship, free speech and democracy with three Hong Kong-based journalists.

Guest: Ong Chin Huat
Topic # 2: Cultural Phenoms
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Tonight, the lifestyles of the rich and famous with Ong Chin Huat, social editor of the South China Morning Post. Hong Kong, says Chin, is one of the world’s richest places with Asia’s most rigorous social scenes. We’ll hear about “Tai-Tais” (rich Asian wives) “Guanxi” (connections to political and business figures) and other Hong Kong culture phenoms.

Guest: Barney Cheng
Topic # 3: Hong Kong Haute Couture
Produced by Mary Lynk

As one of the largest shopping centers in Asia, Hong Kong is developing its own haute couture. Barney Cheng is a hot new designer. One of his recent commissions: the outfit that Lavender Patten, the former Governor’s wife, wore to the handover ceremony. The meaning of “frock with hipness” with Barney Cheng.

Guest: Jackie Chan
Topic # 1: Kung-fu King
Produced by Mary Lynk

Jackie Chan — martial artist, comic actor, stunt man and, of course, movie star — has been called the Fred Astaire of the fight scene. While he has made nearly 50 films for the Asian market, his last two — Rumble In The Bronx and Jackie Chan’s First Strike — have also had great success in North America. The reason: his incredible acrobatic stunts.

Guest: Christof Syre, Executive Chef, The Regent Hotel
Topic # 2: A Taste of Asia
Produced by Anne Bayin

Tonight, exotic cuisine, Cantonese style, with super-chef Christof Syre. He supervises 180 staff at The Regent Hotel, which houses several of the finest five-star restaurants in Hong Kong.

Guests: Dr. Tony Mok, Wendy Kan, Robin Harris, Ruth Hayhoe and Charlie Foran
Topic: Ex-Pats in Hong Kong
Produced by Anne Bayin/Wendy Bryan/Rebecca Eckler

First, three ex-pats — an oncologist, a journalist and a psychologist who specializes in immigrant angst — tell all about the realities of living in Hong Kong after handover.
Then, Ruth Hayhoe, who is getting top marks as the first non-Chinese and first woman to head a post-secondary institution in Hong Kong, looks at whether politics can be kept out of the classroom post-handover.
And finally, novelist and travel writer Charles Foran, who sang the Beijing blues in his novel, Butterfly Lovers, now observes Hong Kong life with his wry sense of humour.

Guest: Janet Connors
Topic # 1: Krever Inquiry
Produced by Mary Lynk

Randy Connors, a hemophiliac who contracted both the AIDS and Hepatitis C viruses through tainted blood, died three years ago. His wife, Janet, contracted HIV from him, and now has full-blown AIDS. We discuss the recent findings of the Krever Inquiry with Janet.

Guest: Phil Fontaine
Topic # 2: Chief, Assembly of First Nations
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Assembly of First Nations Chief Phil Fontaine is taking a gamble in his dealings with Ottawa, playing peacemaker instead of warrior — a far cry from his confrontational predecessor, Ovide Mercredi. Since his election last summer, he’s been rebuilding the organization’s damaged credibility. And now he’s forcing native issues onto the country’s constitutional agenda.

Guest: David Clayton-Thomas
Topic: Blues Man
Produced by Mary Lynk

He possesses one of the most powerful and distinctive voices in the music world. David Clayton-Thomas, raised in Canada, found international success in the late 60âs and 70âs as the lead singer with Blood, Sweat and Tears. Conversation and singing the blues, with one of Canada’s finest musicians.

Guest: Marvin Hamlisch
Topic: The Way He Is
Produced by Wendy Bryan

From A Chorus Line to The Way We Were to Sophie’s Choice and The Sting, Academy Award-winning Marvin Hamlisch has helped define the style of music we hear on stage and screen today. The legendary composer discusses the price of his success and his search for contentment.

Guest: Stephen Fry
Topic: By Jeeves
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Politically incorrect actor and comedian Stephen Fry is best known as the quintessential English butler in the TV series Jeeves and Wooster. His bestsellers have sold over a million copies. Now, in his autobiography, Moab is My Washpot, he takes aim at himself, examining everything from a troubled youth to the meaning of humour, not to mention how his homosexuality influences his life.

Guest: Chris Giannou
Topic: War Surgeon
Produced by Mary Lynk

Chris Giannou is considered one of the best war surgeons in the world. The Canadian-born doctor has spent the past 17 years in trouble spots around the world — from Lebanon to Afghanistan. He is currently the medical advisor for the International Committee of the Red Cross’s “Land Mines Must be Stopped” campaign. A profile of courage and dedication.

Guest: Ottmar Liebert
Topic: Nouveau Flamenco
Produced by Mary Lynk

Guitarist Ottmar Liebert made his first album for only $4000, but when it was released in the early 90s, it sold millions. The German-born, Santa Fe-based musician continues to produce music that combines rock and world music with the classic sound of the flamenco guitar. An hour with the father of Nouveau Flamenco.

Guest: Thomas Moore
Topic: Sex and The Soul
Produced by Anne Bayin

If North Americans would spice up their private lives, our public life would become more sensuous and sex could climb out of the gutter. Thomas Moore, the guru of the soul and author of the bestsellers Care of the Soul and SoulMates, makes his case in his next book The Soul of Sex.

Guests: Natalie MacMaster and Hugh Marsh
Topic: Violin Virtuosos
Produced by Mary Lynk

An hour with two masters of the violin: Natalie MacMaster, one of Canada’s premier Celtic fiddlers, and Hugh Marsh, who is regarded as Canada’s foremost violin innovator. Separate performances and a special musical fusion treat — a world premiere of the two whirling dervishes playing together.

Guest: David Phillips
Topic # 1: Weather Guru
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Great White North, eh! Canadians are wild about the weather because we have so much of it, says David Phillips. Canada’s foremost weather expert, he has spent decades assembling stories, facts and myths about one of his (and our) favourite obsessions. El Nino — and much more.

Guests: Dorothy and David Counts
Topic # 2: RVing
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

There are over 2.5 million retirees in North America who own RVs. For anthropologists Dorothy and David Counts, home is where they park it. In their book, Over the Next Hill, they talk about living the life in trailer parks and discovering the open road. A story for anyone who dreams of escape.

Guests: Margaret Atwood, Charles Pachter, Graham Rawlinson, Jack Granatstein and Arlene Perly Rae
Topic: Oh Canada!
Produced by Anne Bayin

Margaret Atwood and Charles Pachter both claim to have been “haunted” by Canada’s influential 19th century pioneer, Suzanna Moody. They’ve come out with a new edition of The Journals of Suzanna Moody, their unique collaboration of poetry and art. Next, we’ll look at influential Canadians of this century with historians Graham Rawlinson and Jack Granatstein, and their selections for The Canadian 100. Finally, Arlene Perly Rae, a popular children’s book columnist, talks about Everybody’s Favourites — books Canadians read as kids which changed their lives.

Guests: Peter Gzowski, Robert Fulford and Murray McLauchlan
Topic: My Favourite Things
Produced by Mary Lynk

List your favourite things — from vice to advice from a relative — is the task we’ve given to Peter Gzowski and two of his best pals, Murray McLauchlan and columnist Bob Fulford. It’s all in keeping with Peter’s latest book, The Morningside Years, a collection of the most memorable items from the cherished radio program.

Guests: Fraser Ross, Ben and Doreen Wicks
Topic: Christmas Giving
Produced by Wendy Bryan

With only six shopping days left until Christmas, the pressure is on to find the perfect gift. Who better to advise than Fraser Ross from Ice, retailer to the rich and famous? Ross’ special gift list is guaranteed to fill your holiday stockings with the hottest and the coolest stuffers. And Ben and Doreen Wicks, each a member of the Order of Canada, are givers in a different sense: volunteerism. Tonight, the syndicated political cartoonist and his wife, a citizenship judge and founder of the charitable organization GEMS, talk about the spirit of giving and the world of Wicks.

Guest: Jacques Parizeau
Topic: Quebec Sovereignty
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Former Quebec premier Jacques Parizeau isn’t sorry that he blamed Quebec’s referendum defeat on “money” and “ethnic votes.” Now on a speaking tour of Canadian universities, he remains confident that his dream of a separate Quebec will become a reality. And, while he may be relegated to the sidelines in the sovereignty debate, he’s still got a lot to say. Tonight, he’ll say it all.

Annual Christmas Music Special: “Heavenly Duets”
Produced by Mary Lynk

A celebration of the holidays with musical marriages you’ve never heard or seen before. Imagine Yuletide duets featuring Jann Arden and Ron Sexsmith, or The McAuley Boys and Leahy! Also on the Christmas stage will be Chad Richardson with Joe Sealy; Mary Jane Lamond and Jane Siberry; and Maureen Forrester with Jesse Cook.

Guests: Maria Guarnaschelli and Marion Kane
Topic: The Bible of Cookbooks: Joy of Cooking
Produced by Mary Lynk and Loretta Yaskiel

When “the Bible of cookbooks” was revised after 22 years, only 50 recipes survived in their original form. A look at the new cookbook through the eyes of its editor, Maria Guarnaschelli. Plus, “joy of cooking” stories from Toronto Star Food Editor Marion Kane, and a sampling of Christmas and Hanukah treats.

Guests: Paul Martini and Barbara Underhill, Isabelle Brasseur and Lloyd Eisler
Topic: Figure Skating Royalty
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Canadian pairs skaters Paul Martini and Barbara Underhill join Isabelle Brasseur and Lloyd Eisler. Both pairs held court as the best in the world during their respective careers. Combined, their spectacular performances garnered them 11 Canadian championships, three world championships, two Olympic medals, many professional titles and the hearts of Canadians from coast to coast.

Annual Christmas Music Special: “Heavenly Duets”
Produced by Mary Lynk

A celebration of the holidays with musical marriages you’ve never heard or seen before. Imagine Yuletide duets featuring Jann Arden and Ron Sexsmith, or The McAuley Boys and Dana Manning! Also on the Christmas stage will be Chad Richardson with Joe Sealy; Mary Jane Lammond and Jane Siberry; and Maureen Forrester with Jesse Cook.



Guests: Guy Vanderhaeghe and Barney Bentall
Topic: The Author and the Rocker
Produced by Mary Lynk

“Hey baby, do you want to make beautiful music together?” That’s what rock musician Barney Bentall asked — well, along those lines — of Governor General’s Award-winning author Guy Vanderhaeghe. And when the author of The Englishman’s Boy said yes, it was a match made in heaven. An hour of words, music and male bonding with Guy Vanderhaeghe and Barney Bentall.

Guests: Sneezy Waters, Ron Hynes, Colin Escott and Michael Burgess
Topic: Hank Williams Tribute
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

New Year’s Eve, 1952. In the back of a Cadillac, en route to a concert in Canton, Ohio, Hank Williams died of hard living. Tonight, the show he never gave, with performances by Michael Burgess, Sneezy Waters and Ron Hynes. An hour-long tribute to the king of country music, Hank Williams.

Guests: Gordon Lightfoot, Rt. Hon. Joe Clark, Don Ferguson, Roger Abbott, Gordon Pinsent, Albert Schultz, Jane Urquhart, Wayson Choy, Alison Smith, Brigitte Gall and Maureen Holloway
Produced by Wendy Bryan

A stellar cast of Canadians, from music legend Gordon Lightfoot to former Prime Minister, The Rt. Hon. Joe Clark to Air Farcers Don Ferguson and Roger Abbott to Gordon Pinsent and award-winning author Jane Urquhart, confess their sins of 1997, and go on the record with their New Year’s resolutions for 1998.


Guest: Burton Goldberg
Topic: Alternative Medicine
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Burton Goldberg’s Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide has been called the Bible of alternative medicine. Goldberg believes cancer, and most other diseases, are reversible using alternative therapies. At 70-plus, he is on a mission to reform medicine and to help others reclaim their health.

Guests: Mark Kingwell and Naomi Klein
Topic: The Year in Review
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Pop culturists Mark Kingwell and Naomi Klein reflect on 1997 through the stories and images that moved us. From the world’s headlines and the people we watched, to passages and new beginnings, we bid farewell to a year we will forever associate with Princess Diana and the rise of the global village that mourned her.

Guests: Jim Carroll and Rick Broadhead
Topic: Getting Web-bed Feet Wet
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Cyber-gurus and prolific publishing pair Jim Carroll and Rick Broadhead return to the program for a midwinter surf of the Internet. In aid of the technically challenged, the dynamic duo show you the way to better financial and physical health on the Information Superhighway.

Guest # 1: Bryan Adams
Topic: Unplugged
Produced by Mary Lynk

Bryan Adams has sold more than 50 million CDs worldwide and sung duets with everybody from Barbra Streisand to Pavarotti. Cluttering his mantelpiece are awards from the Junos, Grammys and Academy Awards. Bryan Adams on melody, fame, and life in swingin’ London, his new home base.

Guest # 2: Thom Fitzgerald
Topic: Major Thom

Things are coming up roses for director/screenwriter Thom Fitzgerald’s debut feature film, The Hanging Garden. Fitzgerald’s film garnered 11 Genie nominations, and split the $25,000 prize for best Canadian feature with Atom Egoyan when it was chosen for the prestigious opening-night Perspectives Canada spot at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Guest: Michael Ignatieff
Topic: The Warrior’s Honor
Produced by Mary Lynk

Research for Michael Ignatieff’s latest book took him to the front-lines of ethnic war — from Afghanistan to Rwanda. The Warrior’s Honor explores why this type of warfare has become so endemic to the 1990s. An exploration of the prize-winning writer’s observations and analysis of these horrific war zones.

Guest: Julian Austin
Topic: Rising Star of Canadian Country Music
Produced by Mary Lynk

Julian Austin is living up to the expectations that came with is recent Rising Star Award from the Canadian Country Music Association. His debut album, What My Heart Already Knows, is climbing the charts. A chat with a new star about all the attention he’s getting, his troubled earlier life and the music that saved him.

Guest: Saul Rubinek
Topic: The Sundance Kid
Produced by Anne Bayin

One of Canada’s best known actors, Saul Rubinek, makes his directorial debut at Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival this week in Utah. Rubinek’s big screen credits include I Love Trouble, with Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts, and the Academy Award winning Unforgiven. He’s played a few gangsters in his time, and now he gets to direct some in his black comedy, Jerry and Tom.

Guests: Susan Foster, Carl Brewer and Stephen Brunt, Wendel Clark, Chris Cuthbert and Scott Russell
Topic: The Eagle Has Landed
Produced by Wendy Bryan

“Hockey,” wrote Morley Callaghan, “is our winter ballet and in many ways our only national drama.” Hockey great Carl Brewer and Globe and Mail sports commentator Stephen Brunt weigh-in on the legacy of disgraced hockey czar Alan Eagleson.
Then, Hockey Night In Canada broadcasters Chris Cuthbert and Scott Russell return to the roots of Canada’s beloved national pastime to look at stories from hockey’s hometowns. They explore the profound impact hockey has had on our lives.

Guests: Rosemary Brown and Hazel McCallion
Topic: Elder Stateswomen
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

For human rights champion Rosemary Brown, the best way to battle prejudice is to fight on the front lines. As the first black woman to be elected to political office in Canada, serving 14 years as a member of the B.C. legislature, and former Ontario Human Rights Commissioner, she’ll talk about her “dream,” and her battles against racism and sexism.
As the mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion has no plans to call it a day. She’s 76 years old, works 16-hour days, and is one of the longest-serving, most well-liked mayors in the world. We’ll talk suburbia, political promises, and how she just keeps going and going and going·

Guest: John Richards
Topic: The Fare for Our Welfare
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Economist, former NDP MLA in Saskatchewan, and C.D. Howe scholar, John Richards has some radical new thinking onRetooling the Welfare State. He says we need some “tough love” now that we’re beyond what most of us are willing to pay. What’s to be done to the safety net that defines us as Canadians?

Guest: Linda Griffiths
Topic # 1: The Duchess
Produced by Mary Lynk

Award-winning playwright/actress Linda Griffiths has already brilliantly captured Margaret Trudeau on stage. Now, her wicked wit and insight is focused on another female cultural icon: The Duchess, a.k.a. Wallis Simpson. A chat with one of the most recognized faces in Canadian theatre.

Guest: Wade Hayes
Topic # 2: Country Hot Shot
Produced by Mary Lynk

With a combination of a rich baritone voice and a blend of old and new elements of country music, Wade Hayes is riding the charts. Not yet 30, the Oklahoma native already has two hit albums and a brand new one, When the Wrong One Loves You Right. Music and words with a young country hotshot.

Guests: Paul Summerville and Dr. Charles McMillan
Topic # 1: Asian Flu
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Guests: David Cork, Catherine Swift and Ray Protti
Topic # 2: Banking on Change
Produced by Wendy Bryan

We look at the far-reaching consequences for Canadians of the meltdown in the Asian markets with Paul Summerville, Chief Economist from RBC Dominion Securities, and Dr. Charles McMillan of York University.
Then, money makes the world go around, yet there never seems to be enough of it. CBA head Roy Protti, Catherine Swift of the CFIB, and best-selling author David Cork (Pig and the Python) grade the financial literacy of Canadians and the popular national sport of bank bashing.

Guest: Dave Barrett
Topic # 1: Past and Present
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Former British Columbia Premier Dave Barrett says that, in politics, he’s been there, done that and he’s still on the attack. We’ll talk rearranging power, trade, Medicare, and what he sees as the growing disparity between rich and poor.

Guest: Terry Mosher (Aislin)
Topic # 2: Dangerous Doodler
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

He’s been called Canada’s most dangerous doodler. Montreal Gazette editorial cartoonist Terry Mosher, a.k.a. Aislin, just keeps getting nastier. His latest collection, One Oar in the Water, is about what he calls The Nasty Î90s. Poking political fun with the king of troublemakers.

Guest: B.B. King
Topic: The Thrill is Here
Produced by Mary Lynk

Throughout the 1990s and the four preceding decades, there has been one King of the Blues — Riley B. King, affectionately known as B.B.King. The latest of his 70 albums features star-studded duets with everyone from Van Morrison to The Rolling Stones. An hour of thrills with the legendary bluesman.

Guest: Rev. Bill Phipps, Moderator of The United Church of Canada
Topic: Raising Cain
Produced by Anne Bayin

The outspoken moderator of the United Church continues to make headlines since his controversial statement, “Jesus is not God.” The Right Reverend Bill Phipps, leader of Canada’s largest Protestant denomination, has some people squirming in the pews with his modern theological views. At the same time, he’s attracting others back to the fold.

Guests: Michael Budman and Don Green; Frank Toskan
Topic: The Entrepreneurial Spirit
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Michael Budman and Don Green are the two boys from Detroit who packaged Canada and sold it to the world. As founders of ROOTS, the multi-billion dollar clothing empire, they put a beaver logo on sweatshirts and turned the idea into a cash cow. How did two crazy kids sell us on our own identity?
After, another Canadian success story. As co-founder of M.A.C, Frank Toskan staged a coup in the cosmetics industry. He started mixing new colours together in his kitchen sink. Now, his company grosses $200 million a year. Tonight, the magic of M.A.C.

Guests: Catherine Murray, Robert Sawyer and Wade Rowland
Produced by Wendy Bryan
Topic: Technology

Tonight on the program: What is technology doing to us? Is the world a better place? Are we smarter? What will we want next? All of these questions tonight with our guests, Dr. Catherine Murray from the Centre for Policy Research on Science & Technology, Simon Fraser University; science fiction writer Robert Sawyer; and Wade Rowland, science journalist and author of Spirit of the Web: The age of information from telegraph to Internet.

10:00 p.m. program pre-empted for State of the Union Address.
1:00 a.m. program — rebroadcast of Jane Goodall interview.

Guests: Senator Michael Kirby, Hugh Segal and Gerry Caplan
Topic: Our Political Boys
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

The boys are back in town. Tonight, Senator Michael Kirby, Gerry Caplan and Hugh Segal convene for their annual visit. We’ll look at the politics of disasters — everything from the ice storm to Bill Clinton. We also hear their predictions for 1998, on the state and the fate of the country.

Guests: Matt Barrett and John Cleghorn
Topic # 1: Royal Bank and Bank of Montreal Merger
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Tonight Matt Barrett, Chairman and CEO of The Bank of Montreal, and John Cleghorn, Chairman and CEO of The Royal Bank, discuss the proposed merger announced by the banks last Friday.

Guests: Wayne Deans and Laura Wallace
Topic # 2: Mutual Funds
Produced by Wendy Bryan

It has been a bumpy ride in the financial markets lately, with the surprise merger plans of The Royal Bank and Bank of Montreal, the Asian flu, volatile North American markets÷ all of this on the verge of RRSP season. So now we take a look at the bigger issues surrounding mutual funds and how they affect Canadians with our guests Wayne Deans, of Deans Knight Capital Management, and Laura Wallace of AGF.

Guest: Ken Danby
Topic: Unveiling Art
Produced by Anne Bayin

Artist Ken Danby has been back in the studio lately, painting up a storm for his first show in over a decade, scheduled for the fall of 1998. Tonight, he leaves his easel to talk about art, life — even hockey. His At The Crease, an evocative image of a crouching goalie, is one of Canada’s best known paintings.

Guest: Gloria Steinem
Topic: The Fabulous 60s
Produced by Anne Bayin

Beauty and revolution coexist in feminist icon Gloria Steinem. Always at the vanguard of political and social thought, the co-founder of Ms. magazine reflects on her feminist past and explores current passions. Gloria on everything from gender and aging to Paula and the President.

Guests: Sister/Senator Peggy Butts, Sister Katherine Godfrey, Sister Carolyn Giroux and Maripat Donovan
Topic: Get Thee To A Nunnery
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Do old habits die hard? A look at living life as a nun in the nineties. Sister Peggy Butts is the first nun named to the Upper Chamber. We’ll also meet a 30-something and a 70-something nun who’ll discuss living up to the vows. We’ll also take a look at nuns in pop culture — from the flying nun to nuns on the ‘Net.

Guest: John Ralston Saul
Topic: Reflections of a Siamese Twin
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Canadian writer and thinker John Ralston Saul says Canada is like Siamese twins: always contemplating separation, but knowing full well the operation could be lethal. He argues that Canadians often fail to embrace that which makes us unique — the fact we are complicated, different and complex. We look at Canada at the end of the 20th century.

Guests: John Tesh and James Ingram
Topic: Entertainment Tonight
Produced by Mary Lynk

For 10 years, John Tesh was co-host of the popular TV show, Entertainment Tonight, but, ironically, his four Emmys come from music compositions. Now, he devotes himself full-time to music, and sells millions of albums. An evening of music and conversation with John Tesh, along with special guest vocalist, Grammy-winning James Ingram.


Guests: Dr. Barry Armstrong and Jennifer Armstrong
Topic: Courage Under Fire
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Canadian heroes Dr. Barry Armstrong and his wife, Jennifer, blew the lid off the Somalia scandal when they revealed details of the execution-style killing of a Somalia teenager by members of the Canadian military. The couple’s courage and fight for justice changed not only the Canadian Armed Forces, but the course of their own lives.

Guests: Richard Gwyn and Sandra Gwyn
Topic: Love Letters
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Award-winning authors and journalists Richard and Sandra Gwyn are one of Canada’s media power couples. The team got its start in 1955, when Richard picked Sandra up in a tourist bureau in Halifax. Now married almost 40 years, they share much more than a love of words. Tonight, the secret of their success, both as writers and in marriage.

Guests: Guy Laforest and Roger Gibbins
Topic: Oh Canada
Produced by Mary Lynk

Frustrated with the embattled state of our constitutional bargain, and believing that Canada is a good place to live, Albertan Roger Gibbins and Quebecker Guy Laforest decided to seek a solution. The two political scientists unveil their report today: A critical look at the future of Canada.

Guests: Willy Blok Hanson and Dr. Peter Wan
Topic: An 80s Love Affair
Produced by Anne Bayin

Believe it! She’s 82, he’s 34, and they’ve been married for eight happy years. Dancer Willy Blok Hanson tripped over her dog and ended up in the emergency ward. Peter Wan was the doctor on call. The rest makes fascinating history.

Guests: Don Harron and Catherine McKinnon
Topic: All in the Family
Produced by Anne Bayin

His comic aliases include hayseed statesman Charlie Farquharson and uppity matron Mrs. Valerie Rosedale; she’s a Maritime songbird with “the voice of an angel.” Actor Harron and singer McKinnon, one of Canada’s most celebrated showbiz couples, perform a little and tell a lot about what makes their relationship special.

Guests: Karolina Wisniewska, Jean Labonte and Tom Gooding
Topic: Reaching for the Gold
Produced by Mary Lynk

Olympic fever is not reserved for the able-bodied. The Paralympics — competition for physically disabled athletes — follows on the heels of the Olympics in Nagano. A conversation with ski champion Karolina Wisniewska, who has cerebral palsy, and, later, ice sledge hockey team member and amputee Jean Labonte and his coach, Tom Gooding.

Guests: Dr. Lorna Marsden and Dr. Rena Upitis
Topic: Banking on Higher Education
Produced by Anne Bayin

Is the Ivory Tower in danger of becoming the Ivory Soap Tower in this new era of corporate sponsorships in higher education? All matters of higher learning will be the topic of discussion with our guests, Dr. Lorna Marsden, President of York University, and Dr. Rena Upitis, Dean of Education at Queen’s.

Guest: Dr. Margaret Fearon, Dr. Richard Schabas and Dr. Ted Boadway
Topic: Australian Flu
Produced by Rebecca Eckler and Anne Bayin

A discussion with medical microbiologist Dr. Margaret Fearon; Dr. Richard Schabas, former Chief Medical Officer of Health in Ontario; and Dr. Ted Boadway, Executive Director, Health Policy, Ontario Medical Association, on the latest strain of flu which has hit Canada. Where do they come from anyway?

Guest # 1: Rita MacNeil
Topic: A Musical Journey
Produced by Mary Lynk

From growing up in Big Pond, Cape Breton, to international stardom and record sales in the millions. It’s been quite the life for singer/songwriter Rita MacNeil. Her latest CD, Music of a Thousand Nights, is a melodic and nostalgic look back at her incredible journey. Music and words with one of Canada’s best-loved singers.

Guest # 2: Bobbi Sherron
Topic: All That Jazz
Produced by Mary Lynk

Bobbi Sherron’s rich singing has long been admired in the Canadian jazz community. What is surprising is that after 20 years of singing in renowned clubs and jazz festivals, the 60-something musician has finally released her first CD. It’s called Sharing the Dream.

Guests: Willie O’Ree and David Adams Richards
Topic: Trailblazers on Ice
Produced by Anne Bayin

O’Ree has been called “the Jackie Robinson of hockey.” It’s 40 years since he overcame the odds to become the first black player in NHL history. Tonight, he’s joined by fellow New Brunswicker, author David Adams Richards, who wrote Hockey Dreams, a memoir about the place of hockey in the Canadian soul.

Guest: Gwynn Dyer
Topic: Stalking a Tyrant
Produced by Anne Bayin

The winds of war. An update on Iraq, Canada’s supporting role in the Gulf, and what it will take to resolve the current crisis with Saddam Hussein.

Guest: Jean Charest
Topic: Budget Night
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Debt, taxes and deficit spending. A reaction to tonight’s federal budget with Progressive Conservative leader Jean Charest. We’ll also hear his views on the political risks of the Supreme Court Reference.

Guests: Dr. Joseph MacInnis, Steve Santini and Hugh Brewster
Topic: Titanic Hour
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

After director James Cameron put the story of the “unsinkable” ship on the silver screen, everything Titanic began making waves. Why are we so fascinated with the Titanic? We’ve brought aboard Dr. Joseph MacInnis, the first Canadian to explore the famous shipwreck; Steve Santini, collector of over 100 pieces of Titanic memorabilia; and publisher Hugh Brewster, who has cornered the international markets on Titanic books.

Guest: Martin Amis
Topic: Deadly Success
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Literary giant Martin Amis has been called the most influential writer of our generation. He discusses his latest novel, Night Train, a meditation on suicide — a subject that has cut close to the bone in his own life. He also unleashes his acerbic wit on such topics as the Spice Girls, the end of the 20th century, Princess Diana, the death penalty, and the relationship between men and women.

Guests: Don McKellar, Molly Parker and Daniel MacIvor
Topic # 1: New Kings of Kensington
Produced by Mary Lynk

The reviewers are ecstatic about Twitch City. Set in Toronto’s Kensington Market, the Generation X sitcom has also become an instant hit. The creator, writer and one of the stars of the show, Don McKellar, along with his co-stars, Genie Award-winning actress Molly Parker, and acclaimed playwright/actor Daniel MacIvor, talk about the TV generation.

Guest: Michael Donovan
Topic # 2: Sweet Success of Salter Street
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Michael Donovan’s production company, Salter Street Films, has used creative success to come back from the financial brink. Responsible for such productions as This Hour Has 22 Minutes and Emily of New Moon, Salter Street has grown into a $20-million company. Tonight, Donovan’s knack for survival in Canadian film and television.

Guests: Mike Harris, Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz
Topic: Olympic Heroes
Produced by Anne Bayin

Curling entered Olympic history in Nagano, delivering both gold and silver for Canada. Champion skip Mike Harris talks about taking his rink from underdog to dream team. Also, ice-dance sweethearts Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz wowed the world with their Riverdance routine. Controversial judging kept them off the podium, but they’re gold in the eyes of the fans.

Guests: Amanda Forsyth & Malcolm Forsyth, Michael Hogan & Gabriel Hogan
Topic: Father & Child Reunions
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Malcolm and Amanda have strings attached. As one of Canada’s best-known composers, Malcolm has written a cello concerto called Electra Rising, specifically for his daughter Amanda, one of Canada’s finest cellists. We’ll explore cello sex appeal and the special relationship between father and daughter. You’ll also meet actor Michael Hogan and son Gabriel, who’ve made acting a family business.

Guest: Anne Rule
Topic: Queen of Crime
Produced by Mary Lynk

Delving deep into the criminal mind has become a lifetime passion for the award-winning true crime writer Anne Rule. Her most recent work, Bitter Harvest, is about a murderous mother. The former Seattle policewoman rose to fame with a riveting biography of one of America’s most infamous serial killers, Ted Bundy.

Guest: Sir George Martin
Topic: A Musical Legend
Produced by Mary Lynk

Sir George Martin is famous as the man behind the Beatles, and during his illustrious career he has also produced everyone from Peter Sellers to the London Symphony. As the world’s top record producer, his most recent achievement is Elton John’sCandle in the Wind ‘97. A rare interview with a musical legend.

Guest # 1: Dave Foley
Topic: The Wrong Guy
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Former Kid in the Hall Dave Foley is now all grown up. He stars in the hit sitcom NewsRadio. He also co-wrote and stars in the recently released feature film, The Wrong Guy, a comedy about a man on the run — with no one chasing him. Tonight, though, he’ll stay put, and show that he’s the right guy for all his roles as a grownup.

Guests # 2: Barra MacNeils
Topic: Relative Harmony
Produced by Mary Lynk

The Barra MacNeils have been making music all their lives, enjoying platinum sales and success in both Canada and Europe. The family musical group from Sydney Mines, Cape Breton, has just released their seventh CD — a compilation album entitledUntil Now.

Guest: Dr. Stanley Kutcher
Topic: The Adolescent Mind
Produced by Mary Lynk

One in four adolescents in this country suffers from mental health problems. Depression, suicide, schizophrenia and personality disorders are all problems which become the blueprint of an adult’s mental health. A probing look at troubled teenage minds with one of the country’s leading psychiatrists, Dr. Stanley Kutcher.

Guest: Elvis Stojko
Topic: It’s Now or Never
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Canadian Olympic poster boy and 25-year-old martial arts devotee Elvis Stojko didn’t win Olympic gold, but he won our hearts as he battled pain and injury to find the silver lining. Proud Canadians marveled at the Zen of Elvis as he displayed the raw, honest courage we expect of our top athletes.

Guests: Keith Kocho, David Wright and Robert Wright
Topic: A Window on Microsoft
Produced by Wendy Bryan

The world’s richest man, Bill Gates, says Microsoft isn’t a monopoly out to crush its competitors. But critics claim he rules an evil empire and is using his dominant position to run his rivals off the Information Superhighway. An eclectic panel of techno-insiders take a look at why we should care and how much it will cost us if the Softmeister rules the cyberworld.

Guest: Stuart Schneiderman, Murray Campbell and Christine Thomlinson
Topic: Politics of Shame
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Can Bill Clinton, the showbiz prez, save face– and his career — in the midst of sexual harassment allegations? Stuart Schneiderman, author of Saving Face: America and the Politics of Shame; writer Murray Campbell; and labour lawyer Christine Thomlinson, explore the shame culture, the era of tears, and the end of privacy and loyalty.

Guest: Robbie Robertson
Topic: Return of the Native Son
Produced by Mary Lynk

Robbie Robertson, songwriter, guitarist and visionary of The Band, is considered one of rock ‘n’ roll’s greats. From backup to Bob Dylan, to scoring themes for Hollywood, to his own solo projects, his haunting talents endure. Robertson’s Mohawk heritage is explored again in his latest album, Contact From The Underworld of Red Boy.

Guest: Alexa McDonough
Topic # 1: NDP Leader
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

NDP Leader Alexa McDonough grew up in a household of social activists. At last election, the NDP was resurrected to official party status, and McDonough has given voice to a renewed left. We’ll explore everything from her controversial alliance with the Bloc, to monster mergers, to the new flag debate.

Guest: Stephen Harper
Topic# 2: The Charest Decision
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Stephen Harper, President of the National Citizens Coalition, discusses the possibility of a united right. We’ll explore the implications should Charest decide to lead the Quebec Liberals into the next provincial election.

Guest: Ambassador Raymond Chrétien
Topic: Man On Our Mission
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Ambassador Raymond Chrétien is our most influential diplomat. He also has a very important uncle! Fighting for Canada’s interests in Washington, he has a unique perspective on power politics stateside, and what it means to us, both politically and culturally.

Guest: Conrad Black
Topic: Black on Black
Produced by Mary Lynk

He’s powerful, unconventional, controversial and heads the world’s fastest-growing media empire, including a potential new national Canadian newspaper. From Conrad Black’s youthful fascination with press barons and generals, to his battles with Rupert Murdoch and fellow members of the Canadian establishment, a rare interview with a very opinionated man.

Topic: Human Nature
Guest # 1: Ian McEwan, “Enduring Love”
Guest # 2: Erika Ritter, “The Hidden Life of Humans”
Produced by Anne Bayin

British author Ian McEwan is a master of fear. His latest novel, Enduring Love, is a chilling mystery about the dark and subterranean side of human nature. Next, playwright and humorist Erika Ritter with a lighter approach to the subject. She probes the mystery of being human from the point of view of a femme fatale and a canny canine.

Guest: Long John Baldry
Topic: Rock Patriarch
Produced by Mary Lynk

Long John Baldry’s music has inspired the likes of Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart and Elton John. For the past 20 years, he’s called Canada home, and used the time to make music and explore some personal passions — everything from antiques to cartoons. An exploration of the life of a true renaissance man.

Guest # 1: William Bratton
Guest # 2: William McCormack
Topic: Top Cops
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Former New York Police Commissioner William Bratton, the man credited with taking a bite out of crime in the Big Apple, and former Toronto Police Chief William McCormack give the view from the front lines. The top cops speak out on everything from youth crime to the death penalty.

Guest # 1: Linda McQuaig
Guest # 2: Paul Hellyer
Topic: Is MAI D.O.A?
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Controversial author, journalist and champion of the underdog, Linda McQuaig, has never been afraid to take on the establishment. In her latest book, The Cult of Impotence, she confronts the myth that globalization and technology have left us powerless.
Paul Hellyer has spent a lifetime in politics. He was Canada’s youngest MP when first elected in 1949, and last spring he launched the Canadian Action Party. Now, he turns his attention to globalization’s darker side in The Evil Empire. He argues the Multilateral Agreement on Investment — a deal that would oversee $500 billion a year in international investment — is a threat to Canadian sovereignty.

Guests: Ian Scott, Martha Scott, Ian Roland, Ian McGilp and Bob Rae
Topic: The Comeback Kid
Produced by Anne Bayin

Four years ago, former Ontario Attorney General and brilliant orator Ian Scott began his toughest campaign: fighting back from a crippling stroke. He did it with the help of family and a group of fabulous friends, some of whom join him tonight on the program. The life, crisis and rebirth of a political junkie and stroke survivor.

Guest: Paul Martin
Topic: Fiscal Health Update
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

No new shoes, just a bottle of black ink for Finance Minister Paul Martin, for balancing the books after 30 years in the red. So where is the fiscal dividend? The inside view on leadership, national unity, and political priorities.

Guest: Mark Kingwell
Topic: In Pursuit of Happiness
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Social critic and philosopher Mark Kingwell tracks the ultimate human quest in Better Living: In Pursuit of Happiness from Plato to Prozac. From his week at a “happy camp” to a self-prescribed Prozac experiment, one of the most brilliant thinkers in Canada today explores how the pursuit of pleasure shapes our pop culture.

Guest: Eartha Kitt
Topic: Purring Diva
Produced by Mary Lynk

Orson Welles called her the most exciting woman in the world. Fluent in seven languages, intellectual, politically outspoken, part African-American, Cherokee and caucasian, Eartha Kitt remains — even at 70 — famous for having one of the world’s most celebrated vibratos.

Guest: Jean Charest
Topic: New Directions
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Jean Charest stops by to talk about his decision to run for the Quebec Liberal Party. We’ll also look at Quebec’s budget and provincial/federal relations. Can he really be the savior of Canada?

Guest: Glen Clark
Topic: B.C. Politics
Produced by Mary Lynk

B.C. premier stops by with a new budget and an economy said to be on the brink of a recession.

Guest: Molly Ivins
Topic: Good Golly, Miss Molly
Produced by Wendy Bryan

For genuine Texas hellion Molly Ivins, it’s been a banner year in U.S. politics, giving the award-winning political writer some of the best raw material she could ask for. With flaming red hair and a soul to match, the good ol’ girl and nationally-syndicated columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram talks some sense to y’all in her latest book, You Gotta Dance with Them What Brung You: Politics in the Clinton Years.

Guest: Joseph Heller
Topic: Catching Up With Joseph Heller
Produced by Anne Bayin

Catch 22, Heller’s brilliant first novel about World War II, drew the fine line between hilarity and horror, and was hailed as the greatest anti-war novel of his generation. Now 76, Heller offers us a rare glimpse of his own life in Now and Then: FromConey Island to Here. Tales of war and peace from one of America’s master storytellers.

Guest: Robert Duvall
Topic: The Apostle
Produced by Anne Bayin

Robert Duvall has been called the most versatile American actor, with such memorable performances as the crazed Col. Kilgore in Apocalypse Now, the crafty lawyer in The Godfather, and the country and western singer in Tender Mercies. His latest isThe Apostle, a labor of love about a Bible-thumping preacher, which has been 14 years in the making.

Guest: Earl Mindell
Topic: Vitamin Guru
Produced by Mary Lynk

Winnipeg-born Earl Mindell became a pharmacist 40 years ago, just as the pill-popping era dawned. But it was natural remedies that became his professional passion. These days he’s a mega-best-selling author and international vitamin guru. An hour on how to naturally cure what ails you.

Guest: Brian Tobin
Topic: Captain Newfoundland
Produced by Mary Lynk

At the tender age of 25, Brian Tobin entered federal politics. He grabbed the spotlight as a member of the Rat Pack and as Canada’s fiery fisheries minister, fighting foreigners. Two years ago, he returned to Newfoundland and provincial politics. From Captain Canada to Captain Newfoundland, a conversation with one of this country’s most outspoken politicians.

Guests: Russell Banks and Atom Egoyan
Topic: How Sweet It Is
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Novelist Russell Banks (The Sweet Hereafter) joins filmmaker Atom Egoyan, who garnered two Oscar nominations for his poignant adaptation of Banks’ novel about a small community shattered by the loss of their children in a school bus accident. Banks also discusses his newest novel, Cloudsplitter, about fabled slavery fighter John Brown.

Guest: Ed Broadbent

Guest: Sarah Brightman
Topic: Soaring Soprano
Produced by Mary Lynk

British-born soprano Sarah Brightman has long been known as having one of the truly glorious voices in musical theatre. She was an original cast member of Cats; later, her then-husband, Andrew Lloyd Webber, created for her the role of Christine inPhantom of the Opera. The diva’s success continues with her huge international hit, Time to Say Goodbye, a duet with Italian star tenor Andrea Bocelli.

Guest: Dr. Benjamin Barber
Topic: Jihad vs. McWorld
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

In a White House meeting with religious leaders, President Bill Clinton lavished praise on “a fascinating book by a man named Benjamin Barber.” Dr. Barber, author of Jihad vs. McWorld, explores religion and tribalism in our consumer culture. We’ll look at how mass consumption, mass entertainment and mass marketing may be the undoing of democracy in the global economy.

Guests: Michael Mesure, Mark Peck, Joe Slinger, William Lishman and Thea Keller
Topic: Bird Brains
Produced by Anne Bayin

Do birds have brains, or enough smarts to think? Can sandhill cranes learn to come home again? We’ll explore these and other bird conundrums with our panel of bird-lovin’ experts — including an ornithologist, a bird-watcher and Father Goose. Plus, an assortment of feathered friends.

Guest: Gordon Giffin
Topic: Uncle Sam’s Man in Ottawa
Produced by Wendy Bryan

America’s newest Ambassador to Canada, Gordon Giffin, joins us to discuss our neighbourhood skirmishes — from Helms-Burton to the recent U.S. border crackdown that is keeping Canadians out. The Georgia lawyer and Clinton confidant tells us what Uncle Sam is thinking about the future of Canada-U.S. relations.

Guest: Deborah Tannen
Topic: Fighting Words
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Professor Deborah Tannen brought gender differences to the forefront of public awareness with her bestseller, You Just Don’t Understand: Women and Men in Conversation. In her latest book, The Argument Culture: Moving From Debate To Dialogue, she examines why we use the language of war in the media, in politics, in our courtrooms, and in our love lives.

Guests: Lisa Priest, Nancy & Tim Bezusko, Neils Ortved and Dr. Alan Hudson
Topic: Malpractice Malady
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

When medical blunders occur, the results can be serious — even deadly. But launching a malpractice suit often involves years of litigation, exorbitant costs, and a reluctance of medical professionals to testify. We talk with a man whose routine operation left him brain damaged. Then, a health reporter, a hospital president, and a lawyer debate whether patients are losing the malpractice fight.

Topic: A Literary Levee
Produced by Mary Lynk

Predictions of the demise of our love affair with literature are premature. Tonight, we’ll extol the joys of reading the written word. Ten prominent Canadians, including Nobel laureate John Polanyi; United Church Moderator Bill Phipps; singer Murray McLauchlan; and actress Linda Griffiths, help us mark Canada Book Day.

Guest: Jack McClelland
Topic: Publishing Pioneer
Produced by Mary Lynk

The flamboyant and passionate Jack McClelland spent four decades celebrating and wildly promoting Canadian literature. The former head of publishing house McClelland & Stewart had intense friendships with his authors, and these have been beautifully captured in a new book of his correspondence with the scribes. A conversation with the ringmaster of CanLit.

Guest: Paddy Moloney
Topic: The Chief Chieftain
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

For more than three decades, the Chieftains have taken their infectious Irish melodies to all corners of the globe. They’ve performed with such diverse stars as Mick Jagger, Sting, Tom Jones and Van Morrison. Tonight, the music and words of the chief Chieftain, Ireland’s musical ambassador, Paddy Moloney.

Guests: Peter Gzowski, Doug Gibson, Katherine Govier and Orm and Barbara Mitchell
Topic: Memories of W.O.
Produced by Anne Bayin

He wrote poignantly about land and sky and prairie boyhood. When Canadian author W.O. Mitchell died earlier this year, he left behind a legacy of plays and novels, including his brilliant classic, Who Has Seen The Wind?, as well as a treasure trove of memories. Now, the man known for his storytelling has a few stories told on him, by a unique gathering of his friends and relatives.

Guest: Anne Petrie
Topic: In Trouble
Produced by Anne Bayin

In the pre-sexual revolution days, when a girl got pregnant, people whispered she was “in trouble.” More often than not, she was sent away to a home for unwed mothers and forced to give up the child. Television host Anne Petrie, in Gone to An Aunt’s, takes a personal and journalistic look at life in these homes, the shame, and society’s changing values.

Guest: Silver Donald Cameron
Topic: Coastal
Produced by Mary Lynk

Silver Donald Cameron is a graceful writer and a passionate adventurer. His latest book is about the mystery and lure of beaches, inspired by 30 years living on the ocean in a small Cape Breton village. Aside from his love of things literary, he’s an amateur boat builder and a cruising sailor.

Guest: Chris Patten
Topic: The Last Governor
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

China called him a serpent, a thief, and a whore. In 1992, Chris Patten, a 25-year veteran of British politics, became the 28th and last governor of Hong Kong — the man who would stage-manage the historic handover to China. We’ll explore the last chapter of the British Empire, the controversy over his memoirs, conservatism after Thatcher, and his future.

Guest: Joshua Jackson
Topic: Joshua Then and Now
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Fame is smiling on Joshua Jackson, star of the new teen-angst drama Dawson’s Creek. As one of TV’s hot young talents, the charming Canadian makes no apologies for the show’s racy sexual tone — where his character enjoyed some “extracurricular” activities with his English teacher. Jackson is also known for playing Charlie, captain of the hockey team in the Mighty Ducksmovies.

Guest: William Boyd
Topic: Boyd by Success
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Writer William Boyd tells the truth about liars in his most recent novel, Armadillo. But the liar label could be applied to Boyd himself and his pals, Gore Vidal and David Bowie, over their recent literary hoax — a prank that fooled some of the biggest names in the art world. African-born Boyd has also written eight screenplays, including Richard Attenborough’s Chaplin, and his own films: A Good Man in Africa, starring Sean Connery, and Stars and Bars, starring Daniel Day-Lewis.

Guests: Dr. Wilbert Keon, Dr. Tofy Mussivand and Rod Bryden
Topic: Technology for Life
Produced by Mary Lynk

One of its inventors calls it the Holy Grail. Two Ottawa scientists are on the verge of giving the world its first implantable artificial heart. And, with little government funding, a flamboyant businessman has taken on the task of raising money and marketing this revolutionary invention. A look at the race to combat heart disease — the number one cause of death in Canada.

Guests: Rick Mercer, Bill Richardson, Bronwyn Drainie and Michael Adams
Topic # 1: No Mercy Mercer
Topic # 2: Toronto: The Bad Apple
Produced by Anne Bayin/Rebecca Eckler

He’s the sharpest tongue from the East, Newfoundland, that is. Master of rant and rave, Rick Mercer, of This Hour Has 22 Minutes, has gathered his best essays between the cover of Streeters. Then, the sharp tongue from the West, author Bill Richardson, joins journalist Bronwyn Drainie and pollster Michael Adams to explore a topic that’s sure to tickle the fancy of all Canadians: hating Toronto!

Guests: Michael Hackenberger
Topic: Animal Hour
Produced by Mary Lynk

A glorious hour devoted to non-homo sapiens — from monkeys to tigers to elephants. Michael Hackenberger, Director of the Bowmanville Zoo, shows up with some of his delightful colleagues.

Guests: Dr. Bernard Zinman, Donna Lillie, Sara Rosenthal and Dorothy Zeifman
Topic: Diabetes: The Highs and Lows
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Every eight minutes, someone is diagnosed with diabetes. Over 1.5 million Canadians have it, and another 750,000 are undiagnosed. On the eve of the first national Forum on Diabetes in Canada, we’ve gathered together a doctor, a health reporter, a researcher and a woman who’s lived with the disease for 55 years, to look at the diabetes epidemic, the risks, and the breakthroughs.

Guest: Edward O. Wilson
Topic: The New Enlightenment
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Can science make sense of everything? One of the century’s most important scientists, Edward O. Wilson, thinks it can. Wilson, best known for his efforts to link biology and human behavior, argues in Consilience for a new science of human nature — one that links science and the humanities.

Guest # 1: Sir Martin Gilbert
Topic: History in the Making
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Sir Martin Gilbert examines the last-ditch effort to put the flagging Mideast peace process back on track. One of the foremost historians of the 20th century, his latest work, published on Israel’s 50th anniversary, is entitled Israel: A History. Sir Martin Gilbert was the official biographer of Sir Winston Churchill, and is the author of more than 50 historical works.

Guest # 2: Peter Mathews
Topic: Modern Day Indiana Jones
Produced by Wendy Bryan

University of Calgary archeologist Dr. Peter Mathews captured headlines around the world when he was held hostage, beaten and left to die at the site of ancient Mayan ruins in Mexico. One of the world’s foremost translators of Mayan hieroglyphs, this scholar’s dedication to preserving artifacts and cracking the ancient “Code of Kings” almost cost him his life.

Guest: Judith Shamian, Suzanne Gordon and Carol Youngson
Topic: Nightingales of the 90s
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Health care specialist Suzanne Gordon, author of Life Support; Judith Shamian, president of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario; and Carol Youngson, a registered nurse, take us into the hectic, frustrating and sometimes heartbreaking world of the nurse. In the days of hospital restructuring and layoffs, we explore the struggles of the staff on the front lines of patient care. Tonight, why nursing matters.

Guest: Judy Blume
Topic: Coming of Age
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Judy Blume taught us how to cope with peer pressure, feelings of inadequacy, puberty, and sex — issues we didn’t dare discuss with our parents. The author of 22 books, mostly for children and young adults, Blume has just completed Summer Sisters, her first adult novel in over 10 years. We’ll explore banning books and developing identities with the woman who taught us how to grow up.

Guests: Art Hanger, Mary Sellars, Cathy McLaren and Barbara McDougall
Topic: The State of the Canadian Military
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Guest # 1: John Irving
Topic: The World According to Irving
Produced by Anne Bayin

John Irving’s done it again. America’s favorite storyteller returns to the terrain of Garp in his latest novel, A Widow for One Year: family, loss, tragedy, and the impact of adult sexual antics and emotional dramas on the young people who observe them. The writer also explores writing with lots of delicious irony.

Guest # 2: Faith Hill
Topic: Country Singer
Produced by Mary Lynk

Guests: Louis Applebaum and John Weinzweig
Topic: Consummate Composers
Produced by Mary Lynk

Now in their eighth decade, Louis Applebaum and John Weinzweig have spent their lives inventing compelling music. Both composers and lifelong friends, their collective knowledge of our country’s musical history is both rare and fascinating. An hour with two of Canada’s most senior and celebrated composers.

Guest # 1: Euclid Herrie
Topic: The World of the Blind
Produced by Mary Lynk

Euclid Herrie lost his sight at age16 while playing pool. Undeterred, he travels worldwide, rides horses, and even whitewater rafts. Dynamic and fearlessly optimistic, Dr. Herrie is head of both the CNIB and the World Blind Union — representing 50 million blind and visually-impaired people around the world.

Guest # 2: Lhasa
Topic: Spanish Songbird
Produced by Mary Lynk

Her name is Lhasa de Sela, or simply Lhasa. And there’s a huge buzz about this sultry young singer/songwriter. Born Mexican-American, and based in Montreal, she sings mostly in Spanish — a combination of 1930s Mexican music and her own unique style. Her debut CD, La Llorona, has already gone gold, and she recently won the Juno for Best Global Album.

Guests: Jim Gray, Dr. Gary Smith, Phyllis Vineberg and Roger Horbay
Topic: High Stakes of Gambling
Produced by Wendy Bryan

What is the human cost of the gambling boom? People are hooked, but governments may be the biggest gambling addicts, hooked on handsome profits. Addiction specialists Dr. Gary Smith and Roger Horbay examine gambling in Canada. Phyllis Vineberg tells of her son’s fatal addiction to VLTs, and businessman Jim Gray explains why he is not a betting man.

Guest: Linda Spalding
Topic: Orangutans R Us
Produced by Anne Bayin

Novelist Linda Spalding went to Borneo to track the work of Canadian-born orangutan scientist Birute Galdikas. What she found was primal confusion over whether or not “rescuing” an endangered species has become dangerous business.

Guests: Sandra Post, Bob Weeks, Ben Kern and Thomas McBroom
Topic: On the Upswing
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Fore! Tiger Woods wannabes and aging boomers are among the players fueling a golf boom that now has one out of four Canadians on the fairways. Bob Weeks and Ben Kern, golf aficionados, and Sandra Post, eight-time LPGA tournament winner, discuss the world of greens and investors slicing in on the golfing craze. We’ll also meet Thomas McBroom, award-winning architect of over 60 golf courses worldwide.

Guest # 1: Frank McKenna
Topic: Life After Politics
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

During his time in office, former New Brunswick Premier Frank McKenna was called the “Energizer” Premier because he just kept going, and going. His rise to power made the hometown boy a legend in Canadian politics. Now, after a decade in politics, he’s dusted off his law degree. But has he left the door to a political comeback slightly ajar?

Guest # 2: Rick Hansen
Topic: The Man in Motion
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Canadian hero Rick Hansen has reached another milestone. The Man in Motion announces new funding from the provinces for spinal and brain injuries research.

Guest: Rich Little
Topic: Is Imitation the Sincerest Form of Flattery?
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Heeere’s Rich Little! In television’s variety-show heyday, impressionist Rich Little’s send-ups of everyone from Diefenbaker to John Wayne made him a household name. The man of a thousand voices is here as himself — and talks about everything from living life as others to being blacklisted. And he may just bring along a few of his friends.

Guest: Gail Sheehy
Topic: Society’s Chronicler
Produced by Mary Lynk

From political profiles of America’s most influential politicians to mapping the passages of our lives, best-selling author Gail Sheehy reports on a wide spectrum of society. And the Vanity Fair contributing editor’s latest investigation? Male Menopause! A look at politics, maleness and middle-age with writer Gail Sheehy.

Guest # 1: Kevin Newman
Guest # 2: Cokie Roberts
Topic: The ABCs of News
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Kevin Newman continues a Canuck tradition as the latest Canadian news export. He’s the new host of ABC’s Good Morning America. Award-winning journalist Cokie Roberts, co-anchor of This Week with Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts and Chief Congressional Analyst for ABC News, has news for women in her first book, We Are Our Mothers’ Daughters.

Guest: Martha Stewart
Topic: The High Priestess of Homemaking
Produced by Mary Lynk

A look at the world through the eyes of one of America’s most successful media moguls. Martha Stewart’s multimedia empire includes a highly successful magazine, TV show, 14 books, a newspaper column, a design line with Zellers and, well, the list just goes on and on. An hour on the art of living with the doyen of domesticity.

Guest: William Davis
Topic: A Smokin’ Career
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

He’s called TV’s nastiest villain, and the embodiment of evil. William Davis, who plays Cigarette Smoking Man on the cult hitThe X-Files, is the man who, weekly, foils the efforts of FBI agents Mulder and Scully. Tonight, the veteran Vancouver actor unveils the mystery of his life, the conspirator he plays on TV, and the upcoming X-Files movie.

Guests: Max Valiquette, Sean Saraq and Kaan Yigit
Topic: Coolhunters
Produced by Wendy Bryan

The tracking of what’s cool is a hot topic these days. Trends in Gen Y culture are reverberating through mainstream marketing and consumerism. We take a look at cool and the art of the coolhunt with Bozell Advertising’s consumer navigator Max Valiquette; Sean Saraq, social philosopher and co-director of the Youth Research Division for Environics Research; and Kaan Yigit, president of The Solutions Group.

Guests: Tammy Crawford, Tim Danson, Jim Stephenson and Debbie Mahaffy
Topic: Victims’ Rights
Produced by Anne Bayin

Victims of violent crime often feel they have fewer rights than criminals, and with the help of Toronto lawyer Tim Danson, they are speaking out. Rape victim Tammy Crawford is publicly lobbying against day passes for the criminally insane. Ten years after his son was murdered, a father still works for laws against predators. And this week the Supreme Court hears pleas from the mothers of Paul Bernardo’s victims.

Guests: “Marilyn Monroe,” Eileen Heckart, Max Showalter, Michael Kaufman and Rob Salem
Topic: Marilyn Monroe: The Legend Lives On
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

Marilyn Monroe said that her blonde hair and breasts were why she got her start. The all-American sex goddess was both dazzling and seductive — and tonight, a tribute to the diva of desire. We’ll look at her life — from struggling actress to silver screen star — and the events surrounding her death. An hour dedicated to a true Hollywood legend.

Friday, JUNE 5
Guest # 1: Chastity Bono
Topic: GLAAD Handling
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Sonny and Cher’s daughter is the one Hollywood turns to when it wants to get the gay stories right. Chastity Bono has been in the public eye since age two — a constant presence on her parents’ weekly variety show. Now, as a gay rights advocate, she’s become the entertainment media director of GLAAD — the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

Guest # 2: Freddy Cole
Topic: Family Talent
Produced by Rebecca Eckler

The legendary Nat King Cole’s baby brother, Freddy, has been called a leader in the jazz world. Tonight, the seasoned jazz pianist and vocalist steps into the spotlight and proves that talent runs thick in the Cole family.

Guest: Neil Postman
Topic: TV or Not TV?
Produced by Anne Bayin

It’s Neil Postman’s business to warn us about the ways technology and the media alter the ecology of our lives. The American author is famous for his stinging critique of the electronic media in Amusing Ourselves to Death, and his timely warnings about high-tech teaching in The End of Education.

Guest: Hugh Segal
Topic: Leadership

Guest: John L’Ecuyer and Gerald L’Ecuyer
Topic: Reflections of Heroin Hell
Produced by Wendy Bryan

Canada’s hottest young director, Montreal-born John L’Ecuyer, found his focus with his award-winning film, Curtis’s Charm.His first novel, Use Once and Destroy, is a significant offering to the “junkie lit” genre by a young Canadian who lived it. He is joined by his brother, Gerald, also a filmmaker.

Guests: Dr. Jacalyn Duffin and Reverend Roger Quesnel
Topic: En Route to Sainthood
Produced by Anne Bayin

How does someone became a saint? The late Governor-General Georges Vanier and his wife, Pauline, are the first Canadian couple to be considered for sainthood. We’ll explore the road to sainthood with the theologian who’s researching the Vaniers’ case. Then, Dr. Jacalyn Duffin unravels the fascinating tale of her participation, as a hematologist, in the canonization of the first Canadian-born saint: Marguerite D’Youville.

Guests: John McDermott & The Ennis Sisters; Amy Sky & Marc Jordan; Lennie Gallant & Tara MacLean; Cindy Church & Kenny Colman; Russell DeCarle & Rebecca Jenkins
Topic: Love Songs
Produced by Mary Lynk

An amorous concert with some of Canada’s finest musicians. It seemed fitting for our final program this season to herald in the romantic warmth of summer with an hour of love duets. Prepare to swoon!