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Our Afghan Mission Isn’t Finished Yet

Our Afghan Mission Isn’t Finished Yet by Pamela Wallin & Romeo Dallaire As Originally Published In The Globe & Mail Publication Date: Wednesday, Jun. 23, 2010 Direct Link To Archive: With a year to go before the Canadian Forces start withdrawing from Afghanistan, Canadians are waking up to […]

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Senator Pamela Wallin Interview on the John Gormley Live Radio Program

Pamlea Walling Interviewed on the John Gormley Live radio Program Senator Wallin spoke in Saskatoon April 15, 2009. She was also interviewed on the John Gormley Live radio program (News Talk 650) while there. PART 1 – Pamela Wallin, John Gormley Interview  PART 2 – Pamela Wallin, John […]

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Pamela Wallin Interview with January Magazine, 2001

Pamela Wallin January Magazine Interview January Magazine is one of the most popular and respected book-related sites on the Web.  When editor Linda Edwards proposed an interview with Pamela Wallin, on the topic of her newly released book titled Speaking of Success: Collected Wisdom, Insights and Reflections, naturally, Pamela […]

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Cory Hart on Pamela Wallin Live in 1996

A sample of Pamela Wallin Live, featuring Cory Hart, circa 1996 For many years, Pamela Wallin was a television producer and interviewer. You can learn more about her television career here. Below, find a sample of Pamela interviewing Cory Hart, as found on Youtube and shared for […]

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